Lakes & Coorong Fishery Consultative Committee

A new managment structure was implemented in 2007 with the demise fo the FMC's. It was up to industry to create a managment advisory committee known asthe Lakes and Coorong Fishery Consultative Committee.

The committee comprises of the following representatives:

Fishing Industry
Garry Hera-Singh
Steve Alexander
David Reichelt
Robert Brooks
Tracy Hill

Dept Environment & Heritage
Head Ranger of the Coorong National Park

Rodney Rigney

Local Government
Roger Strother - Coorong Council Mayor
Trent rusby - Councillor Alexandrina Council delegate

CCSA Marine Planning Officer

Meetings are also attended by PIRSA Fisheries Managers, PIRSA Compliance, SARDI, and SFA Executive Officer-  Neil McDonald NMac Consulting (SA) Ltd

Invitations are extended to other relevant agencies or individuals when further expertise or advice is required.

A Pipi Sub Committee has also been formed to deal with specific issues for that species.

The Cost recovery (License fee setting) process is managed by PIRSA Fisheries and run separately to the other managment issues.


Management Structure for the Lakes and Coorong Commercial Fishery

  1. Minister for Fisheries (Fisheries Council Advisory Committee)

  2. Director of Fisheries

  3. Lakes and Coorong Fishery Manager

  4. Lakes and Coorong Fishery Consultative Committee (Fishers)