The Association

Southern Fishermen’s Association Inc.

SFA was established in 1939 to represent the interests of Lakes and Coorong commercial fishers. The SFA has been pro-active in promoting improved environmental management practices in the fishery across a number of areas, which include:

  • Developing an Environmental Management Plan;
  • Developing industry best practice guidelines to minimise by-catch;
  • Advocating for improved water flow strategies and fish passage;
  • Developing markets for the human consumption of exotic species;
  • Supporting changes to mesh size regulations to improve net selectivity;
  • Promoting the introduction of regulations for mesh net ply ratings and breaking strains;
  • Supporting the prohibition of power hauling nets in the Coorong lagoons;
  • Supporting size limits increases for black bream and flounder; and
  • Maintaining the use of manual harvesting methods for Goolwa cockles.
  • Developing a policy for optimal barrage mainpulation for maximum ecological benefit of the Coorong

Vision Statement

‘The Lakes & Coorong Fishery will be recognised and acknowledged as a world leading sustainable and dynamic fishery which, through responsible management, ethical harvest and innovative value-adding of the natural resource, will be an industry vital to the prosperity of the region.’

Mission Statement

‘The Lakes and Coorong Commercial Fishery, through the SFA, undertakes to perpetuate, initiate and adopt management practices, processes and projects that will enable it to remain sustainable, viable and profitable in perpetuity.’

SFA Management Committee

Executive Committee:

Garry Hera-Singh
Vice President
Tracy Hill
Tracy Hill
Glen Hill

Coorong Delegate
Dave Reichelt

Lakes Delegate
Robert Brooks

Beach Delegate
Steven Alexander

Goolwa Delegate

WIN Delegate
Gloria Jones

Wildcatch Fisheries SA Board
Glen Hill

ILUA Fishing and Aquaculture Side Table
Glen Hill

Coorong Consultative Committee (DEH)
Garry Hera-Singh

Lower Lakes and Coorong Infrastructure Committee (Coorong Council)
Tracy Hill

River and Lakes Action Group
Henry Jones