Complete Seafood Experience

The Southern Fishermens Association joined with the whole seafood industry to provide A "Complete Seafood Experience" at the Port Festival on the 8th and 9th of October.

The SFA stall provided information about the fishery and Marine Stewardship Council Sustainability Certification with a computerised slide show featuring photos of all facets of the Lakes and Coorong Fishery.  A boat was also on display draped in a fishing net, to give visitors an idea on the size of craft used by the fishery.

Along with executive officer Neil McDonald, a couple of fishermen were on had to do net slinging demonstrations and talk about their fishing activites, the environment and share their stories.

They also answered questions as part of a seafood trail. Children had a questionaire written by the organisers and along with a goodie bag they went from stall to stall and filled in their forms by talking with each stall holder.  Some stalls even gave out promotional material such as stickers.

Representatives at the CSE ranges from fishing asociations to Primary Industries SA, SARDI Aquaitc Sciences, Fisheries and Maritme Academy to food stalls.  Visitors were treated to fresh oysters, fresh and smoked coorong mullet, mussels and other finfish and crustaceans.